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Aluminium Scaffolding 1.8M (ISA181)



Overall height is 2.8M. Platform height is 1.8M. Scaffolding is 2.5M wide and 1.25M deep.

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$ 1,625.00

Data sheet

Maximum Height3M
Maximum Loading673Kg
Scaffold Length2.5M
Scaffold Width1.25M

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This is 1.8M mobile aluminium scaffolding for industrial use. Overall height is 2.8M. Platform height is 1.8M. Scaffolding is 2.5M wide and 1.25M deep.

Maximum loading on scaffolding is 673Kg.

Maximum loading on each platform is 224Kg.

Frames, bracing outriggers etc are constructed with 2” outer diameter and 2.0mm wall thickness aluminium. All the frames ends are reinforced to double thickness.

Trapdoor Platform and normal Platform stays next to each other. Trapdoor Platform aligns with built in ladder (ladder in the frame) and opens perpendicular to the platform. This makes easier for the user as feet can be planted safely on the cross bar of the platform end. User can climb up inside of the scaffolding, opens the Trapdoor to enter to the deck and close the Trapdoor.

Platforms are made of aluminium frame with treated plywood decking. Surface of the platform is serrated for better grip and minimize accidental slipping. Platforms hook to the frame then spring loaded latch locks for more safety.

Frames are manufactured from strong aluminium and anodized for durability. All joints are welded for maximum strength. High tensile spring pins lock the frames together preventing accidental dislodgement.

Braces are self-locking spring loaded type. Hooks are easy to fit or remove they can be locked into place in one simple operation. They are colour coded in Blue, Yellow and Black for easy identification.


Following are the list of items for this scaffolding.

1. Frame 4 row – 1

2. Ladder Frame 4 row - 1

3. Guard rail frame - 2

4. Yellow hook brace (for guiderail and bottom frames) – 6

5. Blue hook brace (for cross bracing) – 2

6. Platform – 1

9. Platform with Trapdoor - 1

10. Adjustable screw jack caster - 4


Additional parts / spare parts can be bought separately for this scaffolding. Check Accessories for more details and prices.