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A/Dark Welding Helmet (HELT45XXLG)



This helmet has extra-large viewing area of 100 X 93mm, 4 Sensors, Grinding function, replicable Li batteries.

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$ 190.00

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Extra Large viewing area of 100 X 93mm

4 Sensors

Grinding function switch from out side

Power supply is combination of replicable Li batteries (coin) and solar

This model is certified to CE ANSI ROHS for eye and face safety

Head band is turnover (up & down) type and helmet's centre of gravity to be lower, to be coincided with the centre of welder's head

Design of welding helmet greatly reduces the fatigue of welder's head & neckband make the welder feel more comfortable.

Screen goes from clear to dark in less than 0.04ms.

Shade adjustment, Sensitivity adjustment and Delay adjustment.

User Manual guides you with proper setting for different type of welding and current levels.

Use for ARC, SMAW, MIG (Heavy), MIG (Light), TIG (GTAW), SAW, PAC, PAW Plasma welding.

User-selectable (DIN) variable shades are easily adjusted.


Technical Specifications:

Sensors: 4

Light state: DIN4

Dark state: DIN9-13 (Step less Adjustment)

TIG Capability: ≥2A

Switching time: 0.04ms

Delay time: Step less Adjustment: 0.15S to 0.80S

Sensitivity: Step less adjustment inside helmet

Battery: Lithium coin type

Viewing area: 100 X 93mm

Cartridge Size: 133 X 114 X 9 mm

Weight: 495 G


This helmet comes with 5 of Outer Lenses and 2 of Inner Lenses as free spare items.

One year manufacturing warranty.